We are pleased to receive many Baptism enquiries every year. You may well have visited this site with a view to finding out a little more about the possibility of arranging Baptism for yourself or for your child.

FAQs: In order to help you, let’s look at some frequently asked questions:

Are we eligible for a Baptism service at St Peter & St Paul?
Except where there are overriding pastoral reasons, a family seeking Baptism at St Peter & St Paul should be resident within the parish boundaries. To find out whether or not you do live in our parish, please contact Father Ken.

Do parents bringing a child for Baptism need to be married?

What preparation might we anticipate?
While godparents are very welcome, it is a requirement for parents bringing children for Baptism to attend one of our Baptism Preparation Evenings. This lasts normally no more than an hour, and provides an opportunity to learn a little of the meaning and significance of Baptism, to ‘walk through’ the pattern of the service itself, and to ask any questions.
It would be anticipated that adults seeking Baptism would first attend a church-run preparation course.

When are baptisms held?
Baptisms at St Peter & St Paul always take place within the main 10 am Sunday Mass, on an agreed convenient date.

What are the fees involved?
There are no fees for Baptism. It is sometimes the case that a family will wish to make a donation towards the work of the church in thanksgiving for the baptism service, but this is entirely discretionary.

How long is the service?
The whole service, including the Baptism rite, lasts, on average, an hour-and-a-quarter.

How many guests can we bring along to the service?
Because the rite is celebrated within the principle Sunday Mass, we ask that families bringing children to Baptism limit the number of guests they invite to the church to about 20.

Is their adequate parking?
We have our own car park directly adjacent to the church, with plenty of spaces.