We can again welcome families for baptism at St Peter & St Paul’s but as you will understand, we do have to follow the  Covid-safety regulations and guidance.  If you have visited this website because you want to arrange a Baptism, we are here to help.

Despite any differences we have to make from Baptisms in normal times. they will still have the same meaning and importance.  And  we will do everything possible so your family’s Baptism will be memorable and enjoyable.  We do understand that after we’ve explained what the Baptism will be like under the present restrictions,  some people may prefer to wait till normal times, and we are happy to discuss this with you.

When arranging and preparing for Baptisms, we may need to use face-timing or virtual meetings or meet together in Church following social distancing guidelines. Special care will be taken in the case of anyone who is self-isolating or medically vulnerable both at the Baptism or at any previous meeting. Anyone with any of the Covid symptoms should not attend.

At the moment,  we cannot safely include Baptisms as part of our main 10am Sunday services.  Instead Baptisms will usually take place later on the Sunday morning.    We are allowed to have up to 20 people at the Baptism including parents, Godparents and the person being Baptised.   We know this can involve difficult conversations with those close to you.    We  are very happy for you to record or livestream the Baptism  for your family and friends who can’t be in church with you.

We ask that everyone at the service follows all the regulations and recommendations on face coverings, social distancing and using our hand sanitisers.

To arrange a Baptism or if you have any questions about Baptisms,  please contact The Revd. Stephanie Stroebel on 01702 200901.