If you are recently bereaved and have visited this site with a view to arranging a funeral service, please contact Father Ken, who will be very pleased to help you. It is important you know that you will have his support, and the support of the church community, at this most difficult time; we are here for you.

FAQs: In order to help you, let’s look at some frequently asked questions:

How might I go about arranging a funeral service at St Peter & St Paul?
If you have not already done so, you will find it very helpful to contact one of our local funeral directors. They have considerable experience in providing sensitive assistance and guidance in all the necessary arrangements. They will contact Father Ken to arrange a time for the service. He will then be in touch to discuss the service further.

Would Father Ken take a funeral service at the Crematorium or Cemetery?
Yes. Simply state your wishes to the funeral director and the necessary arrangements will be made, as above.

How do I plan the content of a funeral service?
Father Ken will be pleased to visit you at your home to discuss all the necessary elements, and to offer guidance and support every step of the way.

Is it possible to arrange a burial in the churchyard of St Peter & St Paul?
Space in the churchyard is primarily for parishioners and worshippers, but there are other limited means by which someone may qualify to be interred in the churchyard. This is a matter worth discussing with Father Ken

Is it possible to have ashes interred in the churchyard?
Unfortunately, we longer have plots available for the interment of ashes. Ashes may, however, be interred in an existing family plot, and this can be discussed with Father Ken.

Is it possible to scatter ashes in the churchyard?
Regrettably, this is not permissible.

How many people can the church seat?
The church can seat 84 people. It may also be helpful to know that we do have wheelchair access into church. We also have a toilet and baby-changing facilties.

Is there adequate parking?
We have our own car park directly adjacent to the church, with plenty of spaces.

Please note that anyone wishing to have a burial in our churchyard will be required to abide by the rules and regulations governing churchyards, published by the Diocese of Chelmsford in the Churchyard Handbook. Copies are available on request, or you might prefer to copy and paste the link into your browser: