If you are recently bereaved and have visited this site with a view to arranging a funeral service, please contact Ken or Stephanie, who will be very pleased to help you. It is important you know that you will have his support, and the support of the church community, at this most difficult time; we are here for you.


We welcome the opportunity to again offer funeral services at St Peter & St Paul parish church. If you have visited our website with a view to arranging a funeral, we would encourage you to please note the following, which follows the latest Church of England guidance:

When a loved one dies, our natural human desire is to be surrounded by others in order to experience their comfort and support. And yet, in this time of pandemic, there is a contrary need to keep our distance. We recognize how difficult this is. These guidelines are intended to help us to mourn and share together safely.

In order to do this, there has to be a limit on the numbers who can attend, and all are advised to observe social distancing. The Government guidelines say that only members of the deceased’s household and close family members should attend, and if they are unable to, then close friends. Please do discuss this with your family and friends, to avoid any hurt and disappointment. Not everyone will wish to do so, but anyone attending may video or livestream the service for those unable to attend. At St Peter & St Paul, we can welcome up to 30 people, including the officiant and church staff.

Discussions with clergy to arrange and prepare for the service will be carried out by video link or on the telephone.

At present, while music is permitted (you may use the services of our organist, or you may wish to play pre-recorded music), singing is not. This is to avoid potential transmission of the virus.

Special consideration should be given by any mourners who are self-isolating. Members of vulnerable and at-risk groups, while not prevented from attending the funeral service, should take particular care. They should not attend if another mourner who is self-isolating will be present, as they may be incubating the virus and the vulnerable person be put thus at additional risk. Anyone with symptoms of any kind, however mild, should not attend.

Orders of service are allowed, but each person must take his or her copy away immediately after the funeral.

It is important to note that we will encourage safe social distancing and good hygiene throughout the service. Hand sanitizer gel will be available. And please note that masks or face-coverings must be worn for all church services and gatherings.

If you have any questions about funerals at St Peter & St Paul, or if you wish to discuss a service, please contact one of the clergy, either Ken Havey on 01702 203668, or Stephanie Stroebel on 01702 200901.