St Peter & St Paul is a beautiful and prayerful setting for your wedding service. You may well have visited this site with a view to finding out a little more about the possibility of arranging your wedding at the church.

FAQs: In order to help you, let’s look at some frequently asked questions:

Are we eligible to marry at St Peter & St Paul?
In order to be married at St Peter & St Paul you or your partner must be either resident within the parish boundaries or else qualify by virtue of one of the other means set out in the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008. Father Ken will be pleased to discuss this with you.

Can we marry at St Peter & St Paul if one or other of us is divorced?
St Peter & St Paul is open to the possibility of the remarriage of individuals after divorce. However, the Church of England teaches that this should be under “exceptional circumstances”; it is not a matter of routine. This is, of course, a matter of considerable sensitivity and no little complexity, and it is suggested that couples to whom this applies contact and speak with Father Ken. We will not normally proceed with the remarriage of an individual who has been divorced more than once.

What alternative can St Peter & St Paul offer if we cannot marry at the church?
We are pleased to offer a Wedding Blessing Service, which Father Ken will be happy to discuss with you further.

How do we proceed if we are eligible?
The first thing to do is to contact Father Ken, to discuss your proposed wedding date. He will arrange to meet with you to complete your Application Form. A second meeting will be arranged to discuss the details of the service itself and to decide the date of your wedding rehearsal.

What are the fees involved?
A revised Table of Fees is published annually (each January). Please contact Father Ken to discuss the up-to-date position.

How many people can the church seat?
The church can seat 84 people. It may also be helpful to know that we do have wheelchair access into church. We also have a toilet and baby-changing facilties.

How long is the service?
There are, of course, certain variables (number of hymns, readings, etc.), but, on average, a wedding service takes about 45 minutes.

Who takes care of the flowers?
While, of course, the bride and bridesmaids will want to bring their own bouquets, you will be directed to discuss your church floral arrangements with our ‘flower lady’, Liz Marlow. Details given, on request. (Due to recent practical and co-ordinational problems, we will not be open to professional florists or other contritbutors.)

Can we marry on days of the week other than Saturdays?
Yes, subject to the availability of the church.

Is there adequate parking?
We have our own car park directly adjacent to the church, with plenty of spaces.